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Wedding FAQ


What charges are associated with the wedding ceremony?

  • There is not a set fee per wedding.  It will depend on where the wedding is held and the time involved.  Once I know details we can work out the cost for you.  Normally the total cost is somewhere between R2000 and R4000.

  • All cost are payable before the wedding.


What do the charges include?

  • A meeting to discuss the necessary arrangements. 

  • The completion and submission of all legal documents to Home Affairs.

  • Travel costs to and from the venue


Do you have a standard wedding ceremony?

  • I am quite happy to customize the ceremony to your desires and needs.  We will sit down prior to the wedding to plan the ceremony. 


What legal documents do we have to provide?

  • Copies of bride and groom’s ID documents. (They need not be registered copies.)

  • 3 ID Photos of each of you.

  • The marriage register requires two witnesses to sign on the day. You will need to provide us with copies of their ID.

  • If you are signing an Antenuptial Agreement, the lawyer will provide you with a letter stating such, that will need to be filed with your wedding register.

  • If you have been divorced, we will need a copy of your Divorce Decree showing the court stamp.

  • If you are widowed, we will need a copy of your deceased spouse’s death certificate.

  • If you are under the age of 21 we will need you to have your parents/guardians fill in a “Consent” Form. Please ask us for this form.

  • If either the bride or the groom are not South African the process becomes much more complicated.  We can talk through these details when the need arises.   

What's the next step?

  • Click HERE to fill in the on-line Wedding Request Form

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