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Have you ever been told there was only one way of seeing?  One way to see the Bible. One way to understand God. One way to live by faith. But what if that is not true? What if there are numerous ways of seeing the same thing? And what if rethinking what you always believed, opened you up to a new understanding of God - a new experience of God? 


If Christianity isn’t working for you anymore, it might be because you were told that there was only one way of seeing life, one way of believing, and only one way of “showing up” in the world. But that’s not true! 


In this book, Skip Collins shares his own journey of growing up in Evangelical Christianity and how he began to rethink things of faith, leading him to a new way of seeing pretty much everything. The result —  a deeper experience of God.


Frank Schaeffer (author of Crazy for God: How I Grew Up as One of the Elect, Helped Found the Religious Right, and Lived to Take All (or Almost All) of It Back)

Skip is an old friend. He’s such an “old friend” that he’s one of the few people I knew when we were both very young men working together deep inside what I look back on these days as the evangelical Mob. Fast forward to Skip sending me this book:  A New Way of Seeing Pretty Much Everything. He and I are in different places today. I’m an atheist who “still” prays and Skip is someone who is still (sort of) a Christian. So I’ll endorse this lovely inspiring book this way: I’m not buying into any version of religious faith anymore, but if I were to do so it would be the gentle faith Skip so wonderfully describes in his book.


Josh Scott  Author and Pastor of Gracepointe Church, Nashville

“Skip Collins has given us a gift. While he shares his own story, with all of the uniqueness that each of our individual stories contain, he also tells a larger story that is so relatable to so many us. As you read Skip’s memoir, don’t be surprised to see your own journey in its pages. Written with conviction, invitation, and care I can’t recommend this book enough!"

Keith Coats  Global Leadership Thinker - Tommorrow Today Global

A bold and authentic telling of navigating the faith journey where answers and certainty yield to deeper questions, marvelous uncertainty and insights that promise to both transform and inspire.  If you are an evangelical Christian who loves Jesus, this might just be the most important book you read. 

Jeff Clark, DMin, PhD, Professor, CEO, and Producer, The Wild Goose Festival

Honest and open, filled with courage and pulling us to more hopeful living, this memoir belongs to so many of us. It hears and responds to real questions that free us to move forward in our faith. I felt good reading it and I felt encouraged reading it.

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